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    Iva and Richard Peck DFW Metroplex Acupuncturist

    For the last 30 years, the Integrated Center for Oriental Medicine has dedicated to healing with acupuncture as a foundation, while helping maintain a healthy life balance serving North Texas, the DFW area. The treatment protocols at the Center today typically include the integration of herbal formulas, nutrition, enzymes, functional assessment, homeopathic remedies to address GI issues, thyroid dysfunctions, hormonal issues, acute and chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and emotional issues. Other innovative protocols include aesthetics and anti-aging, specializing in the European’s Skin Care line, Rene Guinot.

    Iva Lim Peck and Richard A. Peck, Co-recipients of the 2004 "Janet Travell’s Clinical Pain Management Award" by the American Academy of Pain Management

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