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She is absolutely brilliant and cares deeply

I wish I could emphasize enough how integral Dr. Peck has been in my healing process. I suffered from facial paralysis after a brain surgery and tried everything American medicine had to offer me, including more surgeries, Botox, prescriptions, etc. Dr Peck has helped me with everything from pain management, hormone balance, synkinesis, sugar, regulation, and more. She is absolutely

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Chronic Asthma Relief

I am 65 years old and have had chronic asthma since I was three. After years of taking daily medications and the cost of them becoming exorbitant I decided to try acupuncture with Iva Lim Peck. It was amazing as I had immediate relief. I no longer have to take medication on a regular basis. It is a miracle! I

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Carpel tunnel syndrome relief

I first went to Dr. Iva Lim Peck to treat my carpel tunnel syndrome. My wrists and arms were in such bad shape that even after doing 6 months of therapy and wearing braces on my wrists and elbows, doctors were saying I needed surgery and planned to cut four places in my arms and wrist. I decided I would

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Discontinue allergy meds

The first time I saw Dr Peck was on a Channel 4 news story. She was being interviewed along with several of her patients that she had been working with. Her patients were so pleased that they were able to discontinue the allergy meds that they had been taking prior to receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Peck. Not long after

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