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Carpel tunnel syndrome relief

I first went to Dr. Iva Lim Peck to treat my carpel tunnel syndrome. My wrists and arms were in such bad shape that even after doing 6 months of therapy and wearing braces on my wrists and elbows, doctors were saying I needed surgery and planned to cut four places in my arms and wrist. I decided I would try acupuncture first and discovered Iva in 1990.

After the first treatment, my arms no longer radiated with throbbing pain. By the fifth treatment, my arms were completely normal. And while I knew many other fellow teachers who had done the carpel tunnel surgery, they continually suffered relapses, requiring the use of braces off and on, while I never did.

After that, I continued going to Iva because she had learned some new allergy treatment techniques and I had suffered from allergies since childhood. In regular allergy tests with my allergy doctor, I was allergic to almost everything in ranges from +3 to +5. Some allergies reacted so fast they had to be wiped off before they ran into other testing patches.

Iva treated me with NAET and got rid of my allergies. I can now eat foods I couldn’t eat. I am no longer miserable from airborne allergens. And, after I had done Iva’s treatment, I did have another allergy test and the doctor told me that I really didn’t have any allergies that there wasn’t anything worse than a few +1s. This was after I had had allergies for 30+ years. As well, in the course of Iva’s treatments, my psoriasis has gotten under control. She can treat a variety of issues and employs a number of treatments across a variety of disciplines. I believe Iva knows more about medicine than anyone.

1990 – 2016 Linda D.

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