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Books by Richard Peck

Ancient Travels

Book 1: Ancient Travels

Imagine reading an exciting novel where you actually learn concepts of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The setting is the tumultuous late 1800’s in mainland China. Master Liu, who is quite elderly, receives an anonymous message indicating his presence is required at his ancestral birth place. He has not seen his family in many years. Fearing something has happened to his older brother he leaves his austere lifestyle and takes his last student on the long trek home. On the perilous journey he teaches his protogey the basics of acupuncture and Chinese martial arts.

This exciting and informative novel is for everyone who has ever wanted to understand the intricacies of this powerful form of medicine. Yin Yang Theory, Five Element Theory, Feng Shui, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and the I-Ching are no longer just terms but concepts that have meaning for your daily life.

You will be absorbed learning new ideas right up to the last page when you reluctantly put the book down wanting to know more about the mind-body connection of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Ancient Knowledge

      Book 2: Ancient Knowledge

Continuation of a Discourse Between a Master and His Student on Acupuncture and Chinese Martial Arts

In Ancient Knowledge, the mission and lives of Master Liu and his devoted student Pei Ke continue to evolve. The adventure escalates, the emotions rise, and the interactions requiremore complex responses as acupuncture and the Chinese martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing-Yi Chuan continue to be woven throughout the story.

Learn how daily activities like eating and food choice impact our organs and psyche. Explore how the simple yet complex concept of Yin and Yang relates to conditions such as stress, insomnia, headaches, back and shoulder pain, infertility, menstrual problems, and other internal issues and what we can do to resolve them.

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Ancient Wisdom

     Book 3: Ancient Wisdom

The story of Master Liu and his protege, Pei Ke crescendos in this sequel, with compelling scenes of action and emotion as the lives of the characters from Ancient Travels and Ancient Knowledge continue to evolve and intertwine. The story culminates with the sharing of Liu’s secret knowledge of Chinese medicine to his inner door students.

In his customary writing style, Richard A. Peck weaves the art of teaching into his novel. With focus on the internal styles of Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing-Yi Chuan, this book is a gem of information, strategy, and application techniques for martial arts enthusiasts. Richard clarifies the qualities that prevail when one lives the way of the warrior. He further develops the life-to-life connection of the master-disciple relationship, the process by which the “refinements” are passed on to students who prove themselves worthy and capable of incorporating the intricacies and wisdom of the martial arts.

Richard A. Peck brings the traditional learning process to life because he writes from the heart of his experience. He and his wife. Iva, are “inner door students” of Grand Master Lu Hung Bin. Richard practices Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Integrated Center for Oriental Medicine and teaches Chinese internal martial arts at the Tai Chi Center.

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