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The Integrated Center for Oriental Medicine provides Acupuncture in Plano and related services, including services for pain management, to balance and strengthen the body, to improve digestion, to improve skin conditions, and reduce allergic responses.

Our services are broken into the following categories.

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  • Acupuncture for
    • pain management
    • back pain
    • knee pain
    • for stress relief
    • for infertility
    • for weight loss
    • and more
  • Skin Care
    • Natural Face Lift
    • Natural skin toning and conditioning


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  • Adjunct Modalities
    • correct body imbalances
    • natural allergy treatments
    • natural ADHD treatments
    • homeopathic treatments
    • and more

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  • Energy & Bodywork
    • for stress relief
    • to tone and strengthen the body
    • Treatment of fibromyalgia



Please contact us using the information at right if you would like to set up a consultation.  ICFOM provides traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to the Dallas metroplex.

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