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Iva Peck featured on Shoutout DFW

Iva Peck Interview on Shoutout DFWINTERVIEW
Meet Iva Lim Peck: Integrated Oriental & Functional Medical Clinician, Tai Chi instructor

Hi Iva Lim, how do you think about risk, what role has taking risk played in your life/career?

To me, a RISK is an undertaking of something uncertain. It may be unexpected, with some aspect of loss or danger, the possibility of incurring harm, misfortune, or something unpleasant or unwelcome to happen. It may also turn out well. Until I started to answer this question, I had not realized how much of my life was full of risks. Some of them seemed to be negative at first, but I could never have accomplished what I have without taking risks. Some of the outcomes that appeared to be negative, actually moved me ahead to reach my ultimate goals. I came into this world with risk. My mother almost lost me and was on bed rest during the last trimester. I was the fourth girl in the Chinese tradition where having sons was more important.

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