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Ancient Travels Book Released

Imagine reading an exciting novel where you actually learn concepts of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The setting is the tumultuous late 1800’s in mainland China. Master Liu, who is quite elderly, receives an anonymous message indicating his presence is required at his ancestral birth place. He has not seen his family in many years. Fearing something has happened to his

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Acupuncture: Balancing the Whole Body

By Richard A. and Iva Lim Peck

A patient had called earlier asking in a somewhat hesitant manner the standard questions asked about acupuncture – will it hurt, where will the needles be put, how long does it take, how many treatments will be needed, and to the patient the most important of all questions, “will it work,

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Tai Chi Chuan

There are many legends as to who first developed the art of Tai Chi Chuan. As with most legends there is an element of truth and a lot of fiction. One of the most accepted theories as to the origin of this art attributes its beginning to Chang San Fang a Taoist monk who had a background in Shaolin martial

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Qi Gong

Qi Gong which is the cultivation of internal energy goes back thousands of years in Chinese history. It predates Tai Chi Chuan, Pa kua Chang and Hsing-Yi Chuan; however, its concepts in one form or another are used in all three of these arts. There are many different styles of Qi Gong. Practiced on a regular basis Qi Gong will

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Pa Kua Chang

Pa Kua Chang is a rather recent creation. Historical records indicate that the founder of this art is Tong Hai Chuan (1796-1880). His grave site is located outside Beijing. Engraved into the large grave stones is a list of his top students and the lineage of succeeding generations of practitioners. Our teacher Grandmaster Lu Hung Bin appears on this list

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