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It has been life changing for our family

Almost 20 years now that Dr Iva and Richard have been treating my family and dozens of friends I referred. My children were very sick with severe food allergies. We are thankful to have seen a tv news story featuring the Pecks. It has been life changing for our family. In the beginning it would take several hours to get here with two small children, but it was well worth the trip. Now we are fortunate with the new toll roads to make it in little over an hour. My children started treatment when they were toddlers. It was not long until they could once again eat normal foods. Which meant going to birthday parties, etc. Over the years we have sought healing many times from the Pecks when Western Medicine had no answers. We were never disappointed. We never completely understood how it worked but we put complete faith in them. I trust them with my life and my children’s. It is amazing the results. We have found healing for many ailments and injuries over the years. I had 3 torn cervical discs that required strong narcotics for pain for the rest of my life. It has been about 18 years since my last treatment for this and I am still pain free and drug free! Several times my children were so sick and after months of Western Medicine trying to figure out what was wrong, prescribing lots of steroids and antibiotics with no improvement, I brought them to see Dr Iva and they were healed. We have been treated for ADHD, allergies, toxic mold exposure, mono like virus, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, post surgical pain, nerve damage, anxiety, PTSD, prolapsed uterus, to name a few. The Pecks are considered family to us. There isn’t anything I would not trust them with. Western Medicine has failed to give us healing many times over the last 20 years, the Pecks have never failed to heal us or give us unbelievable relief. My children still come home from college to see them. My son is even considering Orientsl Medicine for his future because of the healing impact it has had on his life. His quality of life would be drastically diamonds he’d if it weren’t for the treatments he has received over the years. We tried acupuncturist closer to home but did not get the same result as with Dr Iva and Richard. If you read the background and training you will understand why they have great wisdom in their treatment for their patients. Anytime I meet someone that has something that Western Medicine cannot heal, I always tell them about the Pecks. We would all probably save a lot of time, money, and grief if we would try Oriental Medicine first and then Western Medicine. Instead of vice versa. Might not even need your family doctor. I know we wouldn’t from our past 20 year experiences. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Dr Iva and Richard.

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