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Finding Dr Iva Peck has been a life changing and we believe a life saving event for my daughter

Finding Dr Iva Peck has been a life changing and we believe a life saving event for my daughter. As a nurse for the last 19 years I was very skeptical of any “non-western” medicine. After years of my daughter sufferings severe and often debilitating abdominal pain I found Dr Peck from extensive Internet research. We have tried dr after dr including pediatric gastroenterologists at both Children’s Mercy hospital in Kansas City and Children’s Hospital of Omaha. It’s been a roller coaster of her suffering with abdominal pain, headaches, chest pain, and mood swings. We tried restricting her diet: first just gluten free, she gets better for a few months then gets drastically worse again, same pain plus weight loss despite eating constantly. Then we restricted her diet need more after convincing our dr to test for additional food allergies. She had 12 out of the 20 he tested. She got better for a several months. We where able to get her back into school after an entire year of homeschool. She had become socially isolated because it depressed her to go into town where she couldn’t eat out anywhere and wouldn’t go shopping because of all the foods in the stores that she craved but could no longer have.

She was getting better and as she felt better she became more active like a normal kid again. That lasted less than one year before she spiraled down again with the pain returning no matter how careful we where with her diet. We filled out a medical plan at her school because the pain was so bad she couldn’t stay in school for more than 40 minutes a day and not at all on some days.

After one 2 day trip to Dr Peck where we got in 4 acupressure and allergy desensitization sessions she walked out of there like a new kid.

Never before did we go to a Doctor’s appointment out of town and not end up in extreme pain from eating out. Not only was she able to make the trip, she was able to return to school for the entire day! Not just for one class period like she had been doing for the past 2 months.

I do not completely understand how it works but for us Dr Peck’s methods are just short of a miracle. I understand acupuncture has been practiced for a long time with a great deal of success in other countries but as Americans it is hard to wrap our minds around Eastern Medicines. The way Dr Peck integrates both Eastern and Western Medicine made us more comfortable with the whole process.
It has been a month since our first 7 hour drive to see her and my daughter is still doing great. We made the trip again last week for our second of three rounds. She needed so many because she was really very sick with multiple (40) food sensitivities and deficiencies in things like vitamin D and the B’s.
We will have to be careful with her diet but eventually she should get better and only have to avoid a few foods such as gluten and soy instead of 40.

To be clear No other doctor could figure out what was wrong with my daughter. The only time I got results was by doing Internet research (Dr Tom O’Bryan was a huge help) and asking my dr’s for specific tests. Not once did the doctors recommend food allergy testing for her abdominal pain. Multiple X-Rays, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, endoscopy and biopsies where they could not find anything wrong; which lead to psych recommendations but never food allergies. Very frustrating. I knew my child was sick and not in the head although after years of chronic pain we did try a psychologist. Surprisingly the psychologist was one of our main sources of comfort as he could.

Clearly see she was ill. Don’t get me wrong or think I am anti doctors. Our primary physician was terrific. He just did not know what else to do for her. He was very encouraging about searching out the right specialist for her. That specialist seems to be Integrated Medicine and Dr Peck. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our luck holds and she keeps getting better.

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