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Step by step, Dr. Iva guided our journey towards unveiling the truth of my health

Dr. Iva Peck is the best medical practitioner by which I have ever been treated. I have seen a great number of practitioners across all spectrums of medicine, ranging from a team of specialists at the Mayo Clinic to primary care physicians as well as traditional medicine specialists, to a few different chiropractors and alternative medicine doctors, to a naturopath, to a several different traditional Chinese medicine doctors.

When I first visited Dr. Iva in April 2011, I had been chronically and seriously ill for over five years. For the previous six months, I had been on home rest due to the severity of the illness impairing my regular living functions, which included working professionally. After her comprehensive evaluation of me, Dr. Iva told my sick, frail frame that I would once again be a vibrant, healthy young woman. It felt like she was telling me this through a cloudy tunnel of confusion and doubt. There were just so many years of trying so many different approaches to improve my health, but yet not succeeding. So many practitioners had found my case to be so odd, rare or bewildering and sooner or later they had all told me there was nothing more they could do for me. I did not necessarily expect Dr. Iva’s statement of faith for my wellness to actualize, but I appreciated her belief and enthusiasm for her work, so I reserved some hope to believe it would become true.

Step by step, Dr. Iva guided our journey towards unveiling the truth of my health. We worked together on a regular basis. She helped me through acupuncture to eliminate allergies and balance the meridians of my energy. She administered homeopathic medicine and provided nutritional support through supplements and dietary recommendations. She also conducted some physical adjustments. Perhaps the most surprising outcome of our work together came from her Neuroemotional Technique (NET) treatments. It was astonishing to experience firsthand how emotional trauma and stress can imprint the body and manifest in physical ailment. The significant relief I experienced after the NET treatments felt miraculous.

Upon my inquiry in January 2013, Dr. Iva was supportive for me to try a new approach in addition to our work together. I attended the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ seminar, learned about limbic system impairment and how it’s possible to rehabilitate brain trauma and correct maladapted chronic stress response through a self-guided mindfulness technique based on neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change itself). I did the DNRS brain rewiring exercise for one hour every day for almost a year, while I continued working with Dr. Iva on a regular basis.

It is now December 2013 and I consider myself well. I am definitely a vibrant and healthy young woman! I am also joyful, peaceful and appreciative as well. At this point, I see Dr. Iva for mostly maintenance. We regularly do acupuncture and nutritional support, NET if needed, and address any obstacles which may arise. I expect there may be a day where I really don’t need to see Dr. Iva routinely. I may just go see her so that I may learn more about health from her, listen to her stories and get new recipes!

I have grown very fond of Dr. Iva as a person and I have the utmost respect for her as a professional. Dr. Iva is very tenacious in how she approaches her patients’ protocol, and is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. She is always taking it upon herself to learn more about health care for the sake of providing even better care for her patients. Even when things got really challenging in addressing my health, she never gave up on me. She always found a way to try some kind of approach and I always benefited by every visit. She has earned my trust- 100%. Unquestionably, Dr. Iva is the best practitioner I know and I would recommend her to any and all of my loved ones. Dr. Iva is a very special leader in the health care community and makes meaningful contributions to humanity as a whole. I am so very thankful for her.

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